Coaches Report

Senior Men’s League Match Report – Round 4

It is difficult to comment this week as I watched from my lounge room like most of our supporters due to not being able to coach because of H & S Protocols. As I’m sure our supporters were, I was staggered by our 2nd half fade out after being right in the contest at half time. Full credit to Norwood who really got going!

All I can say is I can’t wait to get back to the club this Thursday & take the helm again as I thought we had been building really nicely the previous 3 weeks & will treat last weekend as an anomaly in the scheme of things. Time will tell but that is not the brand & on field identity we have been working on so hopefully my calm & positive demeanor will get them back on track this week against North!

I thought Kaiden Brand was the main standout from the game as our best player & defender and generally the backs tried so hard against an avalanche of Inside 50’s from the opposition. What it does show us all is how important all the lines & divisions are to each other in offence & defence! Great to see 2 more debutants in Charlie Allan & Tom Rundle plus Carmichael, Babic, McKenzie & Morrish get more games under their belt.

It was a real shame to lose Hamish Hartlett to injury at half time and that didn’t help much either.

This week we battle on and look to bounce back this weekend against North with a much more competitive performance!

Senior Coach
Brad Gotch