Committees & Coterie Groups

Committees and Coterie Groups

  • Past Players & Officials

    Our Past Players & Official Club is known throughout South Australia, the SANFL and among all other clubs’ it is regarded by Past Player from all clubs around, as one of the strongest.

  • Westonians Coterie Group

    Established in 1971, the Westonains objectives are:

    - To provide Club fundraising.
    - To provide friendship among Club members.
    - To provide business ties with members.

  • History Group

    The WAFC History Group is critical to the Club as it holds our greatest treasures and conserves our rich history for all to enjoy. The first public viewing of the WAFC history collection was conducted in July 2019, with a very wide cross section of items spread out and on display. You too can assist the Club by donating memorabilia, photographs or other materials to the History Group. All donations are greatly appreciated and acknowledge accordingly. Contact with any queries.

  • Wolfpack

    The Wolfpack led by Troy Abbott, set about the task of ‘future-proofing’ our club, to ensure the West Adelaide Football Club would survive any future crises. Work on that is continuing, but the Wolfpack is now integral to our day-to-day finance management and has assisted the club with funds for specific projects in recent times.