In 1949 at a meeting held at the Trades Hall building, Grote Street Adelaide, The Past Players & Officials group was established.  Mr. Jim Russell, chairman, & Mr Jack Hamilton, committee men of the West Adelaide Football Club at the time, appointed Mr Gordon Cahill to lead the WAFC Past Players & Official Social Club.

They formed this off shoot of the West Adelaide Football Club to entice former Past Players & Officials back to the club.

Unfortunately shortly after Mr Gordon Cahill was appointed he passed away, and Mr Ken Eglinton stepped in to take his place along with Jim Wright. Since their retirement Ken & Jim have worked tireless to ensure the group would continue to grow and has fostered the traditions of its origin. Namely the annual dinner held at the end of the season & marquee days’ which are held early in the season to gather membership.

In the early days they converted the old players change rooms into their social rooms. It was located smack bang in the centre of the Football Club car park where in 2012 the West Torrens Council demolish it & we moved to our new location, located at the northern end of the Mound bar.

This room, like our old location, contains pictures, memorabilia & at one stage we had the goal post from Adelaide oval which was chopped down after the club’s loss to Port Adelaide by one straight kick in 1958 Grand final.

The rooms are open every match day with half time of the league game full of members enjoying a social drink, looking over the old photos and reminiscing the good old days.

Our Past Players & Official Club is known throughout South Australia, the SANFL and among all other clubs’ it is regarded by Past Player from all clubs around, as one of the strongest.

In 1949 we started serving West End beer in Long Neck bottles and were pleased to say that tradition continues today.

Our principal purpose as a Social Club is to:

  • Entice as many Past Players & Officials back to the West Adelaide Football Club.
  • Provide an area for those members to feel comfortable to socialise.
  • At our home games, Half Time & after match, we host our Past Players & Official as well as the opposition Past Players & Officials.
  • To preserve & keep safe historic memorabilia.
  • On the first Friday night game of the year we run a Marquee day overlooking the game providing drinks & food.
  • In September ever year on completion of the Home & away season we hold our annual end of season dinner.

The Past Players & Officials have raised funds which help funds in:

  • Providing trophies for the U18 Knott/Mitchell Cory Seimers & Jake Watson Memorial awards.
  • League players sponsorship
  • Cash donations to the WAFC
  • Organise event/function like reunions dinners to celebrate the lives of Past Players & Officials

The Legacy Jimmy Wright & Kenny Eglinton left us, we endeavour, to continue on today.

Ken Eglinton

James Wright