Coaches Report

Ando’s Round 5 Match Report – Reserves

The week leading into this week’s game we spent some time revisiting some key areas in our game we felt let us down last week against Norwood. We didn’t shy away from the fact we got beaten up a little bit and had to refocus ourselves to get back to the strength and fight in the contest.

With the work done during the week the week the reserves boys were excited to be back home and eager to bounce back. Another two new players playing their first game this week, we welcomed in Jacko Roberts who was rewarded through his determination and professionalism over the last 4 weeks. Kobe Ryan came up from the U18s and didn’t look fazed by the step up which would please our supporters.

The key focus for the week was getting the balance of our work inside and outside the contest. We knew that if we could stand up to the heat inside the contest, we would get some good looks offensively throughout the day. We played some very solid football during the first half. To Norths credit they raised the bar in the second half with their pressure and fought the game right out til the end, which was good for our boys to show our ability to compete for four quarters must be to the standard if we want to be considered a good side.

Some development this week of some of our younger players was great to see. Cade Kennedy has been building week in week out and he was a clear stand out with his cleanness and stoppages and his smart ball use. Dylan McCormick has again improved every week and Saturday was his best showing with 15 touches and 9 tackles as a small forward.

Jade Cleeland and Rylie Corbett, dominated in the air with 12 shots between them while down the other end Liam Delahunty impressed with his ability to take an intercept mark notching up 13 grabs and setting us up with some good ball use out of defence

Impressed with the boy’s ability to take feedback on board and implement our focus areas we were looking at.

Was great to be back on our home deck and get a win. Love the support throughout the whole day from our fans. We look to next week against the eagles for the reserves.

Ryan Anderson

Reserves Coach