Coaches Report

Gotchy’s Round 7 Match Report vs Port Adelaide Magpies

What a great opportunity to host the Russell Ebert Tribute match in The Riverland. The experience for the club and team to go to Loxton and play at such a great venue, and in front of such a big crowd was exciting. The boys were playing in the company of many Westies supporters that came from across the region, as well as for Russell Ebert and his family. Well done to all involved  – hopefully it becomes a regular feature on the football calendar as it was an outstanding success!

Unfortunately, we took 10 minutes to get going. The opening scores were not in our favour. Being 4 goals and 1 behind down before we settled into the game, we then conceded 3 late goals in the 2nd quarter, but fought consistently for the remainder of the game to go down by a more respectable margin. I believed it was our best game for the year, particularly being up against some quality opposition from the Magpies who steadied late in the term. Just when we looked like we had their measure – coming in hard late in the 3rd quarter, and then early in the last they took home the points.

We will take a lot of learnings out of this encounter but what it showed was that we are good enough if we can sustain the pressure and intensity for four quarters. Clearly the return of Beech, Ryan & Hartlett helped immensely. If we can keep them on the park going forward I believe we will continue to improve and be very competitive against anyone!

Great to see Josh Gore get some reward for effort with 3 goals and 2 score assists; Jackson Edwards having his best game with an impact of 3 goals and a score assist, Mitch Maguire across half forward with score involvements & mid connection. Hamish Hartlett’s return in the midfield enabled us to win clearances with him personally having 9 and 5 tackles. Josh Carmichael continued to impress with his midfield work as a young player. Tom Keough was prevalent all over the ground and if we had three like him, we would be very strong finishing with 2 goals plus 9 marks. His defense work was very good also. A number of other players played solid roles including Jordon Boyle, Lachie Squire, Jono Beech, and Jade Cleeland, especially his lift in the 2nd half.

We go to South thinking we can genuinely win if we tidy up a few things and stay stronger together. I hope to see you there

Brad Gotch

League Coach