Coaches Report

Round 16 Coaches Report – League

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As the apology from the club has gone out there is not a lot more I can add to what you witnessed on the weekend apart from I am hoping it was an aberration and full credit to Sturt who played an amazing game!

Having already trained Sunday and Monday in preparation for Norwood this Friday night we expect a strong response from the players picked to represent us all. I can assure you all no stone is being left unturned in the pursuit of improvement. We also need to be careful not to jump at shadows after such a performance and remember that the previous 2 games against Port and the Eagles we put ourselves in winning positions and were very competitive as well.

Certainly selection will be interesting but I am hearing Jono Beech is potentially a chance from his recent injury absence so that would be encouraging for us to bring back a player with such experience. Also the form of some of our reserves players in recent weeks has been solid so we will look towards them for opportunities to add some of their strengths to our team.

We appreciate your support through the good times and bad. I hope we can make you all proud of us this Friday night at the Parade!

Brad Gotch

Senior Men’s Coach