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Round 11 Coaches Report – Men’s League

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Round 11 Men’s League Match Report

Central District 10.10 (70) def. West Adelaide 7.10 (52)

I thought our first quarter was the best start we have had this year but unfortunately the dominance we showed did not reflect on the scoreboard at quarter time with only a 2 goal lead when it easily could have been 5 goals with better accuracy.

Centrals came out in the 2nd quarter & flipped the game back their way through greater effort & intensity which helped them win the clearance count 9 to 1. This gave them all the field position & they converted 6 goals from it. We clearly didn’t defend as well as we could, which cost us.

Early in the 3rd quarter we were 32 points down before slotting 3 quick goals due to a lift from Kaine Stevens in the middle, the leaders generally, and the team fighting harder. Three goals down at 3qtr time & the players were confident they could come home strongly. However, Centrals played a dour & safe last quarter and we were unable to get in striking distance although we had some opportunities.

Disappointingly the 2nd quarter lapse costs us because we out scored them in the other 3 quarters. Going forward we will put a strong focus on ensuring we can put four quarters together.

Kaine Stevens was very good along with Elliot Dunkin across half back, Boyle on the wing, Keough key forward with 10 marks, Josh Ryan back with 10 spoils & strong 1 on 1 contests, Squire, Meline & Hill were solid as well.

Great to see Ronnie Fejo debut, it looks like he could add something to us in the coming weeks.

Main focus this week is 4 quarter intensity & effort in a very winnable game for us. Hopefully this week can be the one we put it all together for the full 4 quarters & give ourselves a genuine chance!

Goals: J Gore (2), T Keough (2), J Beech, H Ellem, K Stevens

Brad Gotch

Senior Men’s Coach