“You boys…you represent what we dream of” – Cheer Squad Address to Players

On Wednesday night we had West Adelaide cheer squad members Craig Lewis and Neil Morrison in to speak to the players. Will Snelling spoke prior about why it is so important for our players to realise that playing for West Adelaide is not just about them, and that the success of our club affects a wide range of people.

Neil first spoke with passion about how the cheer squad want everyone to know that West Adelaide are the best club going around, and that he wants to create an environment in which our players are proud to be a part of.

They recalled times years passed when Doug Thomas was General Manager and they would ask for some money to go towards making a banner for one of our players 100th game. The reality is that now and for many years before, the cheer squad have paid for everything out of their own pocket.

Craig and Neil spoke of some of their favourite players like Bruce Lindner and Greg Mellor. They even compared the versatility of Greg Mellor to the brilliance of Jono Beech.

Neil remembered getting a long sleeve Guernsey from Grantley Fielke’s store in Arndale which was ’itchy as hell’ but he wore it until he grew out of it.

He then went on to say, “you boys…you represent what we dream of,” and then promised to cheer us on “for as long as we can, until we’re too old and creepy”.

Gavin Colville said, “For all footy fans, this video reminds us why we love the game so much. Winning is great but sharing the journey with others is what it is all about. To Neil and Craig, your passion for the club is both humbling and inspiring.”

Thank you Craig and Neil for the fantastic insight and perspective, and thank you for having so much pride in our club.

Pictured Left: Neil Morrison cheers on the Bloods at Adelaide Oval during the 2015 finals series