WAFCW Player Group Auction

In the lead-up to the start of the womens season, we are again conducting a player group auction.

If you are successful in winning a group, you have the opportunity to win back your money based on the on-field performance of your playing group during the season.

If you’d like to place a bid for a group, you can now do so by emailing the club at or by calling the club on 8352 4022 during office hours (10am – 5pm) and speaking to Lisa or Josh.

As this is a silent auction, all bids will remain confidential. The opening bid for each group is $200, or alternatively you can enquire about a price to buy the group upfront and avoid the bidding process.

We thank you for your support of our womens program. Remaining funds after group payouts at the end of the season will be invested directly in to the womens program.

Please see below a little write up for each group:

Group 1 – Madi and Georgie’s Star Studded Selections

Madi Russell, Georgie Pater, Zoe Venning, Hannah Button, Ruby Ballard, Nicole Hooper, Brooke Smith, Bec Hansen, Zoe Greer, Annie Brearley, Lauren Young, Keeley Kustermann, Olivia Smith.

Captains, AFLW Power, Best and Fairest winners and experience… The spotlight shines brightly on this Star Studded group. This Auctions version of the Hollywood Hills, cameras flashing, bright lights this group remains unrattled.

A premium list, for a premium price, buy now for guaranteed bang for your buck.

Group 2 – Milli Gentle and the Goal Kickers and Stoppers

Milli Gentle, Jess Chyer, Niamh Davis, Tamika May, Tiana Fernandez, Tahlia Cua, Maddie Fitzgerald, Molly Petersen, Grace McNicol, Chelsea Frost

All the AFL legends say that defense wins premiership, but in the end the victory goes to whoever scores the highest…
Defenders and Forwards, normally mortal enemies, have come together to form the most powerful allegiance to keep their foes at bay, while hitting the scoreboard (and your pockets) big time!

Group 3 – Iilish Ross and the Cross Code Killers

Iilish Ross, Abbie Player, Abby Brenton, Amelia Day, Amy Marin, Brydie Mannion, Emma Robinson, Georgia Weatherspoon, Olivia Stampke, Jasmine White, Paris Francis

Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines for our Cross Code Killers.

A group of wicket hitting, long distance running, bucket making, tackling machines have excelled at multiple sports before finally finding their way to the perfected oval shape of a Sherrin.

This group will have you yelling “KOBE” as you’re making buckets (of cash)!

Group 4 – Paige Allan and the Brightsiders

Paige Allan, Emma Chapman, Isabel Spooner, Jemma Ellis, Jess Macolino, Nicola Biagi, Tess Huxtable, Philippa Worthley, Bree Chapman, Baylee Cooper, Astrid Powell

Broken, cold, ashamed.. This group had hit rock bottom and had lost all hope.
And just like the hit song from The Killers predicted… They have come out of their cage, and they’re doing just fine!
This group has left rival clubs and crossed over to the Brightside, and are thriving in their new environment.

Group 5 – Lucy Boyd and the West Adelaide Pups

Lucy Boyd, Asha Dufour, Chloe Tonkin, Emily Mableson, Emma Kilpatrick, Lucy Waye, Sienna Aldridge, Steph Tredwell, Izzy Trimboli, Ella Maxwell, Izzy Rawley, Gracie Sim, Sarah Campbell

Don’t let their puppy dog eyes fool you, this group will gnash and gnaw and rip you to shreds if you underestimate them!
All home zone grown talent, our U18 stars include names heard all around the State.

A bid for this group will ensure your wallet isn’t the runt of the litter!