Josh Ryan Announces Retirement

The West Adelaide Football Club would like to announce that Josh Ryan will be retiring from playing footy to look after his health not only for now but for the future after suffering another concussion against Glenelg two weeks ago.

We’re very proud of Josh to put his health first as we know this would’ve been a difficult decision for him.

We can still remember the first time he came down from Bendigo in 2016, what a journey it has been since then. The big highlights include being a 2x State Team Representative and 2023 Neil Kerley Medallist.

Josh was always admired for his professionalism not only on field but with the way he carried himself off it – great example of this is all the charity work he commits to.

Statement from Josh:

“Firstly l would like to thank the West Adelaide Football Club for all their support over the last few days l have really appreciated it. The decision to step away and retire from playing footy is one l feel is the right decision for me not only for the short term but for my future as well. 


I have so many words to describe my 9 years playing for the Bloods, it’s been a wonderful journey. I’ve made so many memories and met so many amazing people.


Am very excited for where the club is heading led by Emma Grigson as President, success is no doubt just around the corner.


There are many people l’d like to thank, to all of my coaches l’ve had during my tenure l couldn’t have had the career without your dedication in your roles. To my work colleagues – l love coming in to work every day, you’re like family to me and l appreciate all the support you have given me. Would like to finish with a big thank you to my family, they’re my biggest inspiration and l love them all very much” 


Well done on a great career Joshy, we wish you all the very best in the future.