AGM and Board News

Special General Meeting Outcome

The West Adelaide Football Club would like to announce the outcome of the Special General Meeting held in the Sturt Pea Room, Monday 17 December 2018.

A single resolution was put to the Members proposing changes to the Constitution of the West Adelaide Football Club. The intended purpose of the proposed changes was to alter the processes by which West Adelaide FC Board Members are nominated and elected. The resolution had previously received the unanimous support of the current West Adelaide FC Board, but as outlined in the Constitution, required the support of at least 75% of the Members present (either in person or by proxy) to be carried. The motion received support of 83.9% of the votes cast and as such was determined carried.

Speaking on behalf of the West Adelaide FC Board, President Lee Harradine expressed gratitude to the Members for their show of support.

“The WAFC Board were supportive of the proposed changes but needed the Members vote to be able to make these important changes to the Constitution. We can now move forward to implement the necessary changes and position the Club well for 2019 and beyond.”

“I would like to thank the members for their passionate support of the West Adelaide Football Club and for seeing the positive side of the changes proposed.”

The current West Adelaide FC Board will continue in their roles until the 2019 Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday February 11 2019.