AGM and Board News

WAFC Board Update

On behalf of the West Adelaide Football Club I would like to thank the Board Directors Bradley Abrahams, Marteine Edwards and Tiandra Tamiaans for their service to the Club.

Bradley and Tiandra have work commitments that have determined their decision to step down prior to Christmas. Marteine has decided that due to work commitments she is unable to continue as a Board Member post AGM.

Bradley has completed his second term on the Board and has been integral in the development of the Commercial and Partnerships strategy as well as supporting the Clubs events and fundraising. Tiandra is Vice-President of the Westonians, and was member elected. Her contribution was also appreciated, particularly in advocacy for our Club. Marteine is a member elected Board Director holding the Membership portfolio since 2019. Marteine contributed toward our Membership strategy as well as providing commercial knowledge for Board decision making.

All the Board members have been excellent contributors to the function of the Board, and we wish all three outgoing board members the very best, and look forward to seeing them at the Club.

John Kantilaftas, President