AGM and Board News

Presidents Message – Special General Meeting

There has been much totally incorrect speculation in the media and social media about the possible changes to our Constitution and the future of our current Board.

Let me make it clear that the Board cannot be, and has not been, stood down.  The Board will continue as normal until the next Annual General Meeting, as required by our Constitution.  If the members accept the proposed changes to the Constitution, the Board will still continue until the next AGM.  At that stage, all Board members will resign to facilitate the process, if it is adopted by the members.

Boards over the past few years have taken the Club from a position of insolvency to a position where our financial future is now in no doubt.  We will again also announce another healthy profit soon and are on track to be close to debt-free within 4 years. We still have many financial and trading challenges to overcome and we continue to appreciate the assistance of the SANFL as we work in partnership to strengthen our Club.

The current Board includes passionate and skilled West Adelaide people, with expertise, integrity and experience across a wide range of issues that affect the Club.

As President, I can state that the Board exists to serve the members and to ensure our club is strong, we live our values and we field successful football teams.  On that topic, we have efficiently and successfully recruited early for season 2019 and look forward to members enjoying what they see on the field next year.

Lee Harradine