Injury Report

Pre Season Injury Report

Patrick Levicki sustained a tear to his calf muscle at training last week. His recovery is set to take 6-8 weeks.

Post season a number of our players had surgery. Gibson Turner, Josh Schiller and Tom Keough all had shoulder reconstructions and are going well. Josh and Tom are fully training with modified contact.

New recruit Domonic Grant had also had a shoulder reconstruction 2 months ago.

Injury List

Tom Keough – 12 weeks post op shoulder repair.  Full training with modified contact

Josh Schiller – 11 weeks post op shoulder reconstruction. Full training, non-contact

Gibson Turner – 4 weeks post op shoulder reconstruction

Domonic Grant -8 weeks post  shoulder recon, started running and light training

Connor Fairlie  7 weeks post hip joint surgery. Starts running in 2 weeks

Tom Rundle- 7 months post knee reconstruction – going well