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New Position – Female Football Director

The WAFC Nominations Committee is seeking suitable candidates interested in being appointed to the role of Female Football Director for the West Adelaide Football Club.  As our members are aware, a Constitutional review process was recently completed providing a number of recommendations improving the Club’s Constitution. This position of Female Football Director is being offered for the first time as a result of the review.

Following the nomination process, the successful candidate will be appointed to the Board of Directors of the West Adelaide Football Club for a period of three years. An overview of the position is available through the club website. Candidates are asked to provide a current CV and cover letter addressing their suitability for the role. Expressions of interest should be directed to the Committee via no later than 5.00pm Tuesday 9 August 2022.

Position Description

Job Title: Female Football Director

General Accountabilities:

It is acknowledged that Board positions are voluntary, but notwithstanding that, Board Members are
expected to comply with the following:

1. Each Board Member must contribute sufficient time, energy and commitment to ensure that
all of that position’s accountabilities are met;

2. Being a Board Member of an SANFL Club involves much more than just turning up for
monthly Board Meetings – it is anticipated that most of the activities will take place between

3. Board Members will provide a written update for their portfolio three business days in
advance of monthly Board Meetings.

4. Board Members must attend and support all key WAFC Club functions where possible;

5. Board Members must be ambassadors for the WAFC and use their contacts and associations
to further the interests in the WAFC wherever possible.

6. Board Members must attend WAFC matches to the extent possible;

7. Board Members must be prepared to work as a team, allowing for robust discussion, but
ultimately supporting Board decisions once they are made.

8. Despite having specific individual responsibilities, each Board Member is encouraged to
participate in a meaningful way in discussions and debates on all matters coming before the
Board (i.e. not just those within their designated remit).

Key Relationships

• West Adelaide CEO
• Senior Women’s Coach
• Female Football Manager
• Men’s Football Director

1. The Female Football Director will be the primary conduit between the Football program (led
by the Senior Coach) and the WAFC Board.

2. Be an active member of the Football and Recruitment Committees.

3. Ensure player Welfare, Medical and Rehabilitation are best available

4. Attend WAFC Junior Football Development Council meetings with metro zone clubs

5. Participate in Senior Female Coach and Female Football Managers position selection when

6. Ensure List Management including; recruit data base, network, communication and process
are in place and working efficiently with a focus on player development and retention

7. Monitor changes to SANFL laws and regulation

8. Ensure WAFC club policies, i.e. Drug and Alcohol polices are known to players and officials