Mud Map of Johnstone Park for Neil Kerley Memorial Match

Please find below a mud map of Johnstone Park in Murray Bridge. There are two ways to access the oval:
1 – Turning off Adelaide Road
2 – Turning onto Chris Collins Court from Maurice Road
The light green highlighted areas shown on map 1 are patrons parking, while on map 2 you can also see there will be areas for additional parking.
On map 1 you will see there is disability parking available and also areas where food and beverages will be available. On map 2 you will see there are areas where no event parking is available.
Toilets can be found on both sides of the oval, and after the match vehicles can exit via onto Thomas Street.
Given the limited parking around the oval, please bring deck chairs and sunscreen or umbrella in case it rains.
This is a home match for us so if you’re a 2023 member that has access to home games, please show your card and that will get you in.