Message from the President

We have many challenges at our Club as we move forward into the future.

Football has shown that we have taken a step forward this season even though it has not translated into wins at our Men’s Senior team. Many of our games have been losses by less than 12 points which shows our competitiveness, therefore I know we are on the correct path with Adam Hartlett as the Senior Coach. We have been competitive in most games and display a good attacking brand of football with a very young group.

Our philosophy is changing and heading in a new direction as we start building from below and focus on our young local talent while recruiting players to fill certain positions.

The other challenge we face is identifying a business model that works, -we cannot continue to use the same business as usual approach each year and expect a different result. It is not sustainable. To that end, the Board is developing a plan to reshape the way we do business by identifying a methodology that will enable us to be profitable, invest in football and our community.

Changes can be confronting, especially transformational changes. When this occurs there is sometimes pain that we will need to endure as we reset the clubs commercial direction. It will be an exciting and transformative time and well worth the investment.

We look forward to sharing this plan with you in the near future.

John Kantilaftas, President