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Ed Allan dominates fitness testing

Our senior men’s group have been working hard this preseason, aiming to be fitter and stronger than before. The group have completed various fitness testing including 2km time trials, intermittent running tests and speed tests over short distances.

Ed Allan took out both the 2km time trial as well as the intermittent running test.

High Performance Manager Danny Deigan explained, “The intermittent running test measures our players ability to produce repeat high-intensity running efforts.”

“This is very important for the style of play that Gotchy and the team are looking to implement this year.”

“A number of players have improved their 2km time trial over the past 5 weeks, this is a credit to the work they have put in over the Christmas and New Year period.”

“The players have come back with a good base for this phase of the preseason training, they have shown capability to perform the high intensity efforts we need from them.”

“We will be continuing to build the intensity and repeatability of these efforts along with their strength and power, individual weapons and work-on areas. This will ensure they can implement our game plan and play an exciting brand of football in the upcoming season.”

The players also were tested for their fasted speeds over 5, 10 and 20 metres. New speedy forward Josh Gore was impressive along with Joel Stevens who was our reserves runner up in 2020.

Danny said, “the speed tests measure our players ability to be explosive over shorter distances. Players with speed have the ability to break the game open in key moments.”

2km Time Trial

  1. Ed Allan
  2. Austin Forbes
  3. Sam May
  4. Kenny Karpany
  5. Mitch Duval

Intermittent Running Test

  1. Ed Allan
  2. Lachie Squire
  3. Mitch Duval
  4. Josh Koster
  5. Sam May

Quickest over 5, 10 and 20 metres

5 metres

  1. Josh Gore
  2. Joel Stevens
  3. Josh Ryan
  4. Luke Wilson
  5. Ronald Fejo Jr

10 metres

  1. Joel Stevens
  2. Josh Gore
  3. Josh Ryan
  4. Ronald Fejo Jr
  5. Luke Redfern

20 metres

  1. Joel Stevens
  2. Luke Redfern
  3. Ronald Fejo Jr
  4. Josh Gore
  5. Josh Ryan