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Bloods release new Indigenous guernsey design

Lachlan Squire wearing the new Indigenous Guernsey designed by Vivian Davey and Matthew Rankine

The club is excited to release its new Indigenous guernsey designed by Vivian Davey and Matthew Rankine. Hisense Stadium is situated on the lands of the Kaurna People

Vivian and Matthew were both very honored to create the design and seeing them being run around the footy oval. Their creative brief included ;

“The circle on the front of the guernsey which represents Richmond Oval, our home and place of gathering”. said Vivian

“The Sash represents the Keswick Creek running alongside the oval, and placed inside the sash are spears we take to hunt the opposition”.

“On the front we included a trail from the circle (Richmond Oval) which represents the WAFC players, coaches, support staff and supporters on the game day journey.

“On the back of the guernsey the circles are meeting places of our opposition that we’ve infiltrated”.

The guernsey will be worn by the League and Reserves sides for Indigenous Round this Saturday July 2 and the following Saturday at Home on July 9.

Vivian also described the importance of the Kaurna Shield placed on the back of the guernsey.

“The Kaurna Shield is used to protect us during battle to ward off any attacks from our opposition, this is a vital piece of the guernsey as this is a symbolic acknowledgement to the Kaurna people who’s land we play on”.

“The names etched on the guernsey are those of all previous Indigenous footballers to have worn the Red and Black”.

“Whilst celebrating the 130th year of the club and it’s rich history, we also acknowledge each of our Indigenous players who have played their part in contributing to getting the club where it is today”. Said Vivian Davey.

Our guernsey depicts us becoming ‘The Hunter’


If you would like to purchase a guernsey, we have few extras for sale in reception (57 Milner Road, Richmond). This will be your only chance to purchase one due to Sizes and numbers being very Limited. This also means we cannot hold items.

Prices are:

Guernsey $100.

Guernsey with player number $120

Availability is:

2 – XS

2 – S

2 – M

2 – L

1 – XL

Player Numbered,

number and size below:

2 (XS)

10 (s)

15 (S)

14 (S)

18 (M)

26 (S)

28 (S)

31 (L)

36 (L)

37 (S)

41 (XS)

45 (L)