Match Report

U18’s Match Report vs Glenelg

We hosted Glenelg for our Round 8 fixture at Hisense Stadium.

The game commenced with promising signs for our team, as we started well with a slight breeze in our favour. Our performance in the first quarter was marked by our ability to compete at the stoppages and contests, allowing us to gain momentum early on. This translated into offensive opportunities, as we managed to muster 5 shots on goal. However, despite our efforts, we faltered in converting these chances, with two shots unfortunately sailing out on the full. Nonetheless, our defensive efforts remained commendable going into the first break 2.1 to 2.3.

As the game progressed into the second quarter, we encountered a shift in momentum. Our structures began to unravel, affording Glenelg the opportunity to capitalize and show their offensive skill. Consequently, we found ourselves on the back foot, struggling to contain their attacks and maintain our defence. Offensively, our efforts were hampered by congested passages of play and a lack of connection in our ball movement, resulting in limited ineffective scoring opportunities.

In the third quarter, there were glimpses of improvement from our team. We regrouped and structured better, which enabled us to regain some control of the contest. Defensively, we tightened up and displayed greater resilience. Despite our improved performance, we still encountered difficulties in converting our offensive possessions. Unfortunately, two late goals conceded to Glenelg added a sense of frustration, undoing some of our progress.

Entering the final quarter, our team exhibited commendable effort, yet our execution faltered. Fundamental errors crept into our gameplay. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to stop the margin increasing to 40 points.

We now have a 10-day break with a Tuesday night fixture at Hisense Stadium against North Adelaide with the under 16’s playing prior.

Best: Ayden Hodgson, Hamish Dow, Ben Jeffries, Lucas White and Noah Baker

Goals: Ayden Hodgson (2), Noah Baker, Mitch Marsh, Logan McCabe (1)

Talent Manager & U18 Coach – Russell Godson