Telstra Store Castle Plaza connect with The Bloods

Sponsored by Telstra Store Castle Plaza

The West Adelaide Football Club has signed a two-year partnership with Telstra Store Castle Plaza.

As part of the two-year deal, Telstra Store Castle Plaza will become a key-corporate partner of the Club with their logo proudly displayed on the front of our senior men’s New Balance playing guernseys.

CEO Ben Hopkins said, “We are delighted to have Telstra Store Castle Plaza join the West Adelaide family, and look forward to forging a long and meaningful partnership that brings benefits for both organisations,”

“It is great to partner with a big brand and the fact that the store is locally owned makes partnering with Telstra Store Castle Plaza is a great fit for the club.” Hopkins said.

The General Manager of Telstra Store Castle Plaza said, “Being a sponsor of a football club which has genuine engagement with their players from juniors to seniors, staff on and off the field and supporters is fantastic, and we are looking forward to being part of the West Adelaide Football Club in 2021.”

“If you come into Telstra Store Castle Plaza, please let the team know you are a West Adelaide Football Club supporter, as we look forward to helping as many people linked to the club as we can.”