Team Selections – Round 4 Under 18s

We have 5 changes for our under 18s round 3 clash against Sturt this Saturday with Sgroi, Pridham, Dunkin, Singleton and Venning coming into the side. Venning and Dunkin will play their first games for the club.

We play at 1pm at Hisense Stadium.

F: Sgroi, Young, Pridham

HF: Boughen, Rundle, Hahn

C: White, De Cesare, Dunkin

HB: Bock, Kelly, Venning

B: Singleton, Sherlock, Van den Berg

R: Heitmann, Kennedy, Chamberlain

I/C: Faulkner, Desira, O’Connor-Dawkins, Midwinter


In: Sgroi, Pridham, Dunkin, Singleton, Venning

Out: Gilbert, Henty-Smith, Couroupis, Virgo, Talbot