Team Selections – Round 14

West Adelaide will blood two players from our under 18 program this Friday night against Norwood.

Bailey Chamberlain and Jye Sinderberry will play league football for the first time after impressing in the reserves over the last few weeks.

Originally from Roxby Downs and moving to Adelaide in 2017, Bailey Chamberlain is a member of the SA U18 State Squad and has played regular football in our reserves team over the past 2 years. Known for his elite running capability, agility and speed in traffic – Baileys composure and ball use has been a highlight of 2020.

Originating from the Goodwood Saints Football Club in our metropolitan zone, Jye is a member of the SA U18 State Squad and after a frustrating start to the year with injury has played solid football in our U18 and reserves teams. Jye’s 1v1 defending and intercept work are his best attributes.

We wish the two players luck in their first West Adelaide league match.

Also coming into the extended squad is Lyndon Hupfeld, Hugh Haysman and Connor Fairlie.

Coming out of the side is Josh Koster (hamstring) and Patrick Levicki (knee).

In our last game of the year we would like to thank our members and supporters who have continued to support us week in week out.


Couroupis, Elliot, Forbes, Gilbert, Groom, Harris, Kelly, Kelsh, Kirk, Laudato, Martin, McKenzie, Mead, Morelli, Nield, Pearce, Rana, Sareen, Sherlock, J.Stevens, White & Wooldridge

F: Warde, Obst, Blackwell

HF: Talbot, Young, Clark Jnr

C: Henty-Smith, White, Faulkner E

HB: Van den Berg, Midwinter, Pridham

B: Hodge, Sherlock, Courtney

R: Heitmann, Desira, Kennedy


I/C: Faulkner T, Dunkin, Burbridge, Venning


In: Warde, Obst, Talbot, Clark Jnr, Dunkin, Faulkner T

Out: Sgroi, Zinndorf, Martin, Laudato, Richardson, Oueiss N