Team Selections – League & Reserves Round 1

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Finally – round 1 is here! We will have three players making their debut, including Dallas Willsmore (Hawthorn), Patrick Levicki (Norwood) and Jade Cleeland (Werribee). We will get to see the likes of Gibson Turner in full forward along side man mountain Mason Middleton and speedy Ken Karpany. Premiership player Will Snelling will be playing half forward along with Jade Cleeland and Jono Beech.

After spending the majority of the 2018 season playing in the midfield, skipper Tom Keough is back in full back where he has played some of his best football. On the extended bench we have Stevens, Anderson, Hill, Wasley-Black and returning player Chris Schmidt.

Our league and reserves will be wearing black armbands tomorrow to honour the passing of two great past players at our club – Peter Phipps and Jack Lynch.

Reserves Round 1

West V Sturt, Friday March 29th, 4:40pm – City Mazda Stadium


6 Hupfeld, Lyndon
21 Batley, Nathan
25 Fairlie, Patrick
29 Pillion, Thomas
30 Stevens, Reed
37 Kirk , Kyle
38 Gallaway, Thomas
39 Lynch, Thomas
42 Johnson, Isaac
45 Majok, Chol
47 Klemke, Jayden
48 Bentley, Scott
49 Laube, Keelan
50 Noonan, Conor
52 Osborn, Nigel
53 Morrish, Thomas
54 Gutsche, William
55 Rana, Angus
57 Patterson, Cooper
58 May, Sam
63 Bentley, James