Team Selections

Team Selections League and Reserves – Round 7

We are back at Hisense Stadium for our round 7 clash against the Eagles. After coming off a strong win in Port Lincoln, the boys will be ready to go on their quest to make it two wins in a row.

4 changes have been made, congratulations to Dylan McCormick who will make his SANFL League debut. Dylan has been very consistent in the Reserves this year especially with his tackle pressure, so this is well deserved. We have 3 players returning from injury to help strengthen the team which includes Sam Frost, Dylan Bramich and Liam Delahunty.

Mitch Maguire (Shoulder) and Michael Laudato (Shoulder) go out of the side due to injury, while Riley Corbett and Ned Stevens will play in the Reserves this Saturday.

A reminder that rain is forecasted so please bring an umbrella.

Reserves start at 11:30am followed by the League match at 2:10pm.

See below for teams.