Split 50-50

Congratulations to Kon who won our Split 50 50 raffle at our last home game.

West Adelaide Football Club introduces our favourite digital Raffle online that benefits participants and the Club.

The Split 50-50 Raffle is an exciting digital raffle platform that does away with physical raffle tickets and offers a greater prize pool for participants and increases the fundraising capabilities of WAFC.

The total prize pool is split evenly, with 50% going to the winning ticket holder and 50% coming back to us.

The more tickets sold, the bigger the prize pool for the winner and larger contribution coming back to support the Bloods.

Tickets can be purchased on-line using a valid credit/debit card and the minimum spend is $10.

Ticket bundles of 10 for $10, 40 for $20, 125 for $50 & 275 for $100 are available.

Purchasers will receive a confirmation text message via SMS with a link to the live prize pool and their ticket numbers.

Buy our tickets on-line to support the Bloods and go into the draw to win! The draw is to take place at ¾ time of Friday night’s game against North with the winner notified by SMS and a follow-up phone call.

Remember the more tickets sold, the bigger the prize pool with half the money going to the winner and the proceeds supporting the West Adelaide Football Club