Pre Season

Senior Internal Trial Teams

2015 Premiership players Will Snelling and Chris Schmidt will make their much anticipated return to West Adelaide colours on Saturday for our internal trial. Snelling will play for the first time since the 2015 premiership, and Schmidt since the end of 2017.

2018 Neil Kerley Medalist Kaine Stevens will be playing in the same team as brother Reed for the first time, who will spend some time in full forward.

Forwards Gibson Turner and Mason Middleton will be taking the field as well as captain Tom Keough in half back and veteran Logan Hill in full back.

New recruits also in the mix are Dallas Willsmore, Tom Morrish, Scott and James Bentley, Jayden Klemke, Jade Cleeland and Tom Gallaway.

There are a number of under 18’s who will be playing in the side including Bailey Fielke who has begun training with West Adelaide under 18’s this year.

For fans wishing to attend the internal trial it will commence at 10am at City Mazda Stadium with drinks available to purchase as well as a free BBQ from Heady’s Pork.

Black Team

1 Agostino
2 Karpany
5 Snelling
8 Willsmore
13 Noble
16 Hupfeld
19 Turner B
20 Middleton
21 Head
25 Wasley Black
27 Turner G
29 Anderson
34 Schiller
35 Evans J
36 Patterson
41 Evans L
44 Bentley S
46 Caruso
47 Klemke
49 Laube
50 Noonan
52 Osborn
53 Morrish
60 Sinderberry
63 Westley
65 Parrella
2nd half only
45 Majok

Grey Team

1 Kirk
5 Earl
6 Stevens R
7 Gutsche
9 Haysman H
11 Hill
12 Dunkin
13 May
14 Waite
15 Batley
17 Fairlie
18 Lynch
19 Gallaway
20 Stevens K
21 Schmidt
22 Bentley J
25 Beech
26 Keough
27 Pillion
28 Rana
29 Majok
30 Cleeland
2nd half only
11 Forbes
21 Barrett
29 Moore