SANFLW Round 5 Match Report

This week saw a big Good Friday clash with the Eagles. Hannah Button’s late withdrawal saw Kendell Saffin be brought into the League side and was our only change of the week. After being able to string a few solid weeks together this weekend was unfortunately a step backward for our group, being beaten in almost all of the stat lines for the day.

We were competitive up until half time, which only saw us down by 9 points at the main break without having really taken off. However, finishing with only 2 available players on the bench to finish the game, and a 5 goal to 0 last half saw the Eagles run away easily.

With our defense under immense pressure most of the day, a shining star was young 15-year-old Emily Mableson who is continuing to impress and is playing some very solid football out of our defensive half.

The Bye week has come at a very convenient time and our girls will get a well-deserved rest this weekend before looking to show their resilience and come out firing in Round 6 against last year’s Premiers.

We want to thank the contributions of our AFLW girls, Keeley Kustermann, Lauren Young and Brooke Smith for their efforts throughout the first 5 rounds. We’re looking forward to seeing Keeley and Brooke have a standout year for the Crows, while as a club we look to support Lauren Young as much as we can through her second ACL injury.

Best Player: Emily Mableson, Madi Russell, Nicole Hooper, Zoe Venning, Asha Dufour

Goals: Zoe Venning, Ella Maxwell (1)

SANFLW Coach – Bruce Dawes