Round 12 Coaches Report

Round 12 Match Report

West 9.4 (58) def. by Adelaide 14.10 (94)

The first quarter cost us when we had the same amount of inside 50’s (14 each) but they scored 5.3 (33) to our 0.0 (0). Adelaide defended really well forcing us to bomb the ball in long cutting off short options & adding heaps of pressure on the ball carrier. This proved costly given the final margin was 36 points.

Unfortunately the rain hit in the 2nd quarter making the game a slog & not much of an advantage to the Southern end.

The 3rd quarter was our best with 5 goals to 3 although we coughed up a couple of easy ones just at the wrong time when we had some momentum.

Losing Beechy with a hamstring late in the 3rd quarter hurt our last quarter push & Adelaide sensed that with the first 4 goals before we dug deep to kick the last 3 goals & give some respectability to the score line.

I still remain positive that if we can play 4 consistent quarters we will be a handful in the run home to all teams so that’s the focus starting this week against the Roosters! Also I have asked the players to make themselves & their supporters proud at the very least from here on in so fingers crossed they can show that!

Senior Coach
Brad Gotch