Match Report

Reserves Match Report – Round 7

Unfortunately, for the second week in a row we were unable to match our opponent’s intensity at ground level and aerially for much of the game.

We went to work on our structures during the week and in the first half we set up well but our pressure game was lacking. Halfway through the second quarter we started to press the opposition which saw us win the ball back and even up the scoreboard going into half time.

Unfortunately, after half time we didn’t show the intensity we had during the second quarter which allowed the Eagles to win a lot of uncontested football and hit the scoreboard with frequency.

Jordan White showed the work rate and attack on the ball that we expect from all our players over 4 quarters to be our best player on the day. Jesse Thackeray continued his great season in the middle and Tyson Coe is starting to hit some good form in there also. Nick Steele worked hard all day and finished with 3 goals.

The group is very eager to continue learning and we will work hard on the track this week in preparation for our game against Sturt on Sunday.

Daimon Head – Reserves Coach