Match Report

Reserves Match Report – Round 12

The challenge for our group this week was to back up a really strong performance from last week and make sure our communication and energy for the contest was high as it had been the week before.

We started the game with this in mind and put a lot of pressure on Sturt, but we were unable to finish this hard work off in front of goal.  Sturt lifted their intensity after quarter time and l was happy with how we responded and matched them in this area. Unfortunately we were unable to continue this for the whole 4 quarters and good teams make you pay and that is what happened late in the game.

Bailey Chamberlain had his best game for the season and showed us what he brings to the team when he is taking the game on. Nicholas Steele and Jesse Thackeray both continued their good form and worked hard for us all day, and Dylan White has settled into his new role down back and was very good for us again this week.

Another home game again this week against a very good opposition in Centrals, if we can match them in work rate for 4 quarters I believe the result will take care of itself.

Best Players: Bailey Chamberlain, Jesse Thackeray, Nicholas Steele

Goals: H. Barker, R. Corbett, J. Kovacic, M. Laudato