President Report

President’s Message to Members and Supporters – April 2019

With the 2019 season well and truly underway, I wish to say thank you on behalf of the board of directors to all members and supporters for putting your faith in us. It is less than two months since we were appointed, but already I can see that we are making great progress towards strengthening our club and preparing it for the challenges of the future.

The board has a formal meeting every month to resolve important issues for the club, and to make sure that each director is focussed on achieving the goals set for every pillar of the organisation. But it’s the day to day things that directors do that make the difference. Many hours each week are spent by individual board members, working on projects and activities that drive our club. Much energy has been invested in making sure that relationships with those around us are made stronger and more vibrant, in particular with our sponsors on whom we rely so heavily. Additionally, our partnerships with the City of West Torrens and the SANFL are of immense importance, and I wish to say thank you to Mayor Michael Coxon, as well as to SANFL CEO Jake Parkinson, for their messages of support and encouragement for our club.

One of our biggest challenges is to ensure that we continue to remain financially sound. We need to increase the club’s revenue streams so we can invest in our future. So I ask all members and supporters to think about how you can contribute. It might be to pop in to the bistro for lunch or dinner instead of spending money at a café or restaurant somewhere else. It might be to arrange a family celebration at the club venue, rather than going elsewhere. Or it might be to buy some Bloods merchandise as a gift for a friend or relative. Every little bit will help.

The future looks bright. Your board of directors is committed to ensuring that we build on the drive, energy and passion that has always underpinned our wonderful club. Together, let’s run with the pack.

Murray Forbes