President's Message

President’s Message – March 2023

Following our Annual General Meetings in February we have a couple of changes in the Board line-up. Firstly, I wish to recognise the wonderful service given to the Club by Derek Bonner who has now retired from the role of Men’s Football Director after completing a three year term. Derek’s enthusiasm for every component of the football program has ensured a positive direction for all players, coaches and staff well into the future. Chris Schmidt now takes over Derek’s position and we look forward to his contribution as we plan for further improvements and successes in our football endeavours. Chris is well known at the Club, being a premiership captain and a long-time Westies stalwart. We also welcome Kristen Demetriou onto the Board as a passionate supporter who has given many hours to the Club as a previous director and committee member.

The Board of Directors is a dynamic, well-balanced and professional team of people who have the Club’s best interests at heart and at all times. It is a real honour to act as Club President and to work with the Board and management as we face the challenges that confront us every day – challenges that test the patience of members, staff, volunteers, supporters and players alike. We do not shy away from the fact that our Club needs to improve our performance in many areas, whether it be some on-field activities or building the financial strength of the Club. It’s important that we all fully support each other as we work towards our goals. It’s easy for the small minority to stand on the sidelines and hurl negative criticism, whether verbally or by on-line anonymity, at those who are striving for improvement. Fortunately, the vast majority of Club people want to work together and they just get on with the job, recognising that the nay-sayers are nothing more than a distraction from the tasks at hand.

We always welcome helpful and constructive suggestions from people who have the best interests of the Club at heart. Please do not hesitate to communicate with me directly by email or face to face if you wish to provide thoughts and comments. I will always do my best to respond to you in a timely and respectful manner.

As we head into the 2023 season, I’m expecting many more opportunities to celebrate improvements and successes. It’s been exciting to witness the enthusiasm of our women’s teams as they have embarked on a really positive start to their season. I’m looking forward to seeing this translate into all other areas of the Club in the months ahead, following the hard work and dedication of so many people who make up our great Club. Please continue your support and I hope to see you all around the grounds or at Westies functions this year.

Go Bloods!

Murray Forbes