Match Report

League Match Report – Round 17

Our final home game of the season was one full of excitement for our playing group as we prepared to take on last years Premiers Norwood FC in front of our home crowd.

We have approached the last month of footy with optimism as we’ve looked to tinker with our game plan slightly and build momentum into season ’24.

Norwood were 5-3 since Round 8. Their team defence had improved since our first encounter this season in Port Lincoln, but they had also improved their Offence with a clear emphasis on speed on the ball and kicking the ball off the line – something we needed to be prepared for.

I felt the first half, although we were down on the scoreboard (27 points down at the main break), was a closer contest to what the scoreboard suggested. We played a lot of front-half football but wasted our opportunities in front of goals.

We felt a couple of adjustments were required around Stoppages in the second half and felt having Lachie Squire compete around the ball against the bigger / more mature bodies of Panos and Binder, would help give us a better chance in getting the ball going our way. This, combined with better efficiency in front of goals – and the players willingness to never give in – got us back in to a winnable position.  The game ultimately ending in a draw.

The boys were brave, there’s no question. We knew we had blown opportunities in the first half, but at the same time knew we weren’t playing poorly. For our players to come out and continue to fight the way they did is exciting and gives me optimism about our future.

Congratulations to Jordan White on your debut – player 1484 for the Bloods. You had some great moments and inspired your teammates through actions, well done.

We look forward to our final game this Saturday as we take on Woodville West Torrens.

Best: Tom Morrish, Isaac Johnson, Luke Redfern

Goals: L. Redfern (2), J. Beech, L. Delahunty, J. Gore, M. Mattingly, O. Mulady, C. Park, K. Ryan, J. Stevens (1)

Adam Hartlett – League Coach