Match Report

League Match Report – R11

Our R11 contest v Yartapuulti provided us an opportunity to address a few key areas which let us down not in our R4 clash against them. We knew they would challenge us at stoppages, be strong within the contest, plus be direct with ball movement.

I felt we were slow to start. The first ten minutes was played in Port’s front half; they were strong in the contest, had good shape on the outside and were direct with their ball movement. When we did have possession, we were unable to move the ball with any sort of conviction. Once we got our contested game to the level required, along with our balance on the outside, we started to get some reward through possession, and with that came some free-flowing offence and score on the board – getting the game back to even. Unfortunately, the final five minutes of the first quarter would prove costly, giving up three goals in the final 5-minutes of play.

The second quarter looked more how we want our game to look; tough and clean around the contest, composed and direct with ball movement, and played the game in our front half. We made some adjustments at stoppages which worked in our favour and outscored Yartapuulti 4.2 to 2.1 for the quarter. The aim leading into the second half would be on our contested work, matching the intensity of Yartapuulti and providing good balance on the outside.

The third and fourth quarters mirrored the first, Yartapuulti had the game on their terms for the first 10-15 minutes before our boys fought their way back into the contest. Unfortunately, we could never build substantial scoreboard pressure on the opposition and ultimately succumbed to the margin of ten points.

This was a tough loss for our group. We feel our best is good enough to compete strongly against all teams within the SANFL competition, but when we’re inconsistent in how we compete, in how we structure up, in how we defend, we get these results. The challenge for myself as a coach and the playing group is to continue educating ourselves on what our game looks like when we execute these things well vs when we don’t quite get it right – then getting to work on limiting these lapses in concentration come game day.

Well done to Callum Park on his 50th game in the SANFL. Cal has been a fantastic recruit for us since coming across from Glenelg. He is a very popular team-mate and has a great football brain.

Congratulations to Daimon and the Reserves for their impressive win against North Adelaide on Sunday. For such a young group to play the way they did, to the systems we have educated them on and to execute at the level was really pleasing.

It is a huge week for our football club as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of our 1983 Premiership side. I know the players and I are looking forward to the contest this weekend, on our home deck in front of legends of our club and in front of our fans.

Finally, I’d like to wish Frane Babic all the best on his move back home to Sydney. Frane came to the club at the beginning of the 2021 season as a developing Ruckman and has worked tirelessly on his craft. Another popular teammate who we will miss. All the best big fella.

League Coach – Adam Hartlett