Under 18

Jake Watson Medal | Under 18’s Best & Fairest

Congratulations to all award winners at our Under 18’s Best & Fairest, held at the Club on Wednesday night.


Jake Watson Medal Count

Winner: Charlie Pridham

Second place: Jesse Thackeray

Third place: Cade Kennedy


Herde Family Award – Most Improved
Oscar Steene

Knott/Mitchell Memorial Scholarship – Best First Year Player
Harry Lemmey

Corey Siemers Memorial Award – Best Player from Riverland
Jesse Thackeray

Big Blood Award – Values & Culture
Max Noblet

Best Team Man
Luke Young

Coaches Trophy
Cain Satanek

From left: Jesse Thackeray, Charlie Pridham, and Cade Kennedy

Top 3 in the 2021 Jake Watson Medal Count