Match Report

Gotchy’s Match Report – Round 13

Another disappointing loss by the League team at Wigan Oval on Saturday to Sturt.

We could not develop or sustain momentum throughout the game and it was one that was within our grasp.

As a team, we need to look hard at ourselves and our own motivations for wanting to play senior football at West Adelaide. There is no excuse for selfish behaviour from individuals, clumsy handiwork and poor judgement. We have the skills, the resources and the loyalty of members that other clubs envy. We will not let each other, nor our supporters down any longer.

I expect to see true grit, determination and going hard at the ball from this point forward, and will no longer accept excuses if these standards are not met.

Best players: Patrick Fairlie, Josh Ryan, Lucas Meline, Tom Morrish

Goal Kickers: Jonathon Beech, Tom Keough, Josh Gore, Hamish Hartlett

Senior Coach, Brad Gotch