Match Report

Gotchy’s Match Report – Round 11 vs Adelaide

The League team enjoyed our second best first half of a game for the year, scoring 8.6 to 5.8 against the Adelaide Crows. Our best being, Round 2 against Centrals where we managed to score 9.3

At half time, the Crows re grouped and initiated some smart positional changes. They did this by putting more leg speed around the middle of the ground, demonstrated a huge lift in work rate, as well as intensity, which we struggled to match.  We didn’t take advantage of kicking with the wind in the 3rd quarter, missing a number of achievable scoring chances that would have provided further scoreboard pressure, and more importantly confidence for our team.

Yet again we attacked hard in the 4th quarter to gain two behinds before the Crows steadied and went on to win comfortably in the end. We certainly gave it a good shake against a Crows team that had 18 listed players on the day. It also demonstrated their overall fitness throughout the game. There are a lot of positives to take out of the past month, so we will continue to focus on what is working well for us, trying to play that way for four quarters, and to reap some rewards for our efforts.

Best players:

Great to see Jackson Edwards play his best game for the club. Jackson moved into the midfield in recent weeks and is certainly having an impact on the game. Tom Keough was moved back this week to support Kaiden Brand, with the back line making it difficult for the Crows to get past them. Patrick Fairlie, Lachie Squire, Joel Stevens, Josh Gore [3 Goals], Tom Morrish & Jye Sinderberry all worked hard to be rewarded with very solid performances. Matt McKenzie came away with a best on ground in the 1st quarter; bagging two goals before injuring his hand in the 2nd quarter. He is showing some exciting attributes.

We take on the Eagles this week; with them coming off a big loss to Centrals. I think they are beatable and we will go in with the attitude to throw everything at them in pursuit of that first win of the year. This is a win we do really deserve and I hope to see many of you, like you have been doing every week supporting us towards a win and beyond.

Stronger together & for the team stronger for longer.

Brad Gotch

League Coach