Final Message to Members | Ben Hopkins

To all Members,

Today is my last day at Westies and I didn’t want to leave without passing on my sincere thanks to all Members for your support during my time at the Club. I feel grateful to have been involved in such a fantastic club with such rich history and have enjoyed my time here immensely. While we haven’t had the success we would all have liked with our League team we have had three teams playing finals this year, including one making a Grand Final appearance. That is something that we should all be proud of and holds the Club in good stead for the future.

Off the field, we have faced many challenges during my time including the effects of a global pandemic. The Club has only come through these challenges because of all the people that work so hard to help; this includes the playing groups, volunteers (including the Board) and the staff. I will be forever grateful for the support we received from you all in 2020 and 2021 when we have all been facing so many new challenges brought on by pandemic.

Thank you to all Members who stick with the Club through thick and thin. Your support is genuinely appreciated by those on and off the field. I wish the Club and all involved all the success you deserve.