Coaches Report

Colville’s Corner – Round 11

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Despite a reasonably even first quarter we again didn’t capitalise on our high I50m entry count (19 entries for only four scoring shots). We aim for 50% of our entries to end in scores however we went at just 22%. We again need to improve our choice when kicking into the 50m and more importantly on the weekend we need to better position to crumb the marking contests. Despite this, we led at the first break by 9 points.  We won stoppages 8 to 5 in the first quarter and lost them 4 to 14 in the second, despite clearly winning the hit outs. We also reacted far too slowly to lock down the opposition when we lost the ball. I couldn’t question our attack on the opposition and contested ball, however staying close or locating an opponent away from the contest was poor. Importantly, both these areas are not linked to talent, rather a mindset and concentration. Our third team showed some improved offensive movement. We were able to move the ball fluently and had some nice passages of play leading to three goals. However we could not contain the oppositions scoring. They scored 8 times from 10 inside 50m entries. Of significance five of these came from poor contested or 1v1 balls in the b50m. We simply need to draw more wins than losses from these situations. Trailing by 27 points at the final break, we needed early scoreboard pressure. We had some really strong ball movement and found targets in 50m. We were unable to convert these however and finished the quarter with 0.5 from five set shots. Despite missing these vital opportunities, I was pleased with our offensive ball movement and run, in particular from the back half of the ground.  The final margin of 28 points is indicative or where we are at. With only 2 less I50m entries for the game, similar possessions and more I50m marks, it is evident that we need to increase our scoring ratio and decrease the oppositions. I believe we improved with our decision making entering f50m however there is room for further development. Our pressure in f50m was again sound however our ability to score from ground balls also needs to improve. Importantly, our defensive structures limited the oppositions run for much of the day. Our work in b50m contested ball needs to be more consistent. The same is required for our stoppage work. If we see improvement in these areas, we will close these losing margins.

I thought Pat Levicki had his best game since joining the club. He did not lose a 1v1 contest and used the ball efficiently when rebounding. Nathan Batley provided some strong run, particularly in the second half. Dallas Willsmore was also influential with ball in hand. Logan Hill again was disciplined with his defensive efforts and continued to run hard on the rebound.