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Coaches Report Round 17 League

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City Mazda Coaches Report – League Round 17

Norwood 9.15 (69) def. West 6.4 (40)

It certainly was a big week last week so I am proud of the way the players responded especially the way they bounced out of the blocks kicking 3 goals to 1 late into the first quarter with Keough & Beech prominent. The two Norwood goals late in the quarter were disappointing but the class of Douglas at a Forward 50 stoppage was undeniable then a centre clearance goal straight after tied the scores at the first break but at least we were in the game.

From there the game became an arm wrestle with tackling pressure off the charts. We only just lost the tackle count in the end 110 to 112 but lost no friends I believe in our endeavors to stay in the contest. A late 3rd quarter kick in goal from a Tom Murphy bomb set up Haysman for a spectacular running goal cutting the margin to just 13 points at the last change! The mood in the huddle was one of optimism that we could finish strongly but an early Norwood goal gave them the lift they needed to snuff us out. Although Lachie Squire’s amazing set shot from the boundary & his first at SANFL level cut the margin to 17 points half way through the last so I thought we still had a chance! The next centre clearance was going to be vital & whilst Hamish Ellem did an amazing run down tackle on Douglas his inability to compose himself cost us dearly, as he coughed up the ball at half back & Douglas marked & goaled basically stopping us in our tracks! Credit to Norwood too, as they lifted their intensity & work rate in the 2nd half to stifle a lot of our forward momentum which reduced our scoring chances dramatically.

Special mention goes to Pat Fairlie for his role in negating Grigg, Tom Murphy down back for his 4 quarters of offensive involvements, our running machine on the wing Jordon Boyle & ball magnet Kaine Stevens. Furthermore, Jade Cleland’s battle with the highly credentialed Knoll kept us in it, Kenny Karpany with his lively forward craft & 10 strong tackles, Duval & Ryan solid back against an avalanche of Norwood inside 50’s & finally Lachie Squire for his midfield contribution & stunning first goal!

A week off now to recharge for our last 2 games & strong finish to the season awaits, so hopefully the players can build on what they showed the other night against a finals bound Norwood outfit. We clearly showed how competitive we can be so we expect that & more now in our next opportunity against the undefeated Glenelg outfit! Hope to see you all there supporting the players for our final home game of the season.

Brad Gotch
Senior Men’s Coach