Chew the Fat with Nicky D and Dennis

The West Adelaide Football Club plays host to a monthly lunch where past players, Westonian members, Club members and supporters gather to discuss all things red & black, or to “chew the fat”.

These much-loved lunches are a common occurrence now, with every second Friday of the month scheduled in the calendar for Chew the Fat. With growing crowds and exceptional guest speakers, this lunch has transformed from a casual get-together to booked out functions.

Most recently, Chew the Fat was held on Friday 15th October for over 100 people and had a special guest speaker in legend Tony Modra!

These lunches have grown exponentially since the very first “Chew the Fat” back in 2011. Nick Diasinas (Nicky D) and Dennis Canute started the tradition with a simple sit down lunch and chat at Westies Bar & Bistro once a month on a Thursday. Others became inquisitive of the pair and the regular lunches as they appeared to always be a great time.

Naturally, Nick and Dennis welcomed all who wished to join them for a bite to eat and a chat about Westies. Gradually the lunches became bigger and bigger as committees such as the Past Players and Westonians started joining in. Suddenly the lunches were big enough to include some additional entertainment.

Nick and Dennis still recall to this day the lunch in which they presented their first ever guest speakers. 2015 Premiership players, Logan Hill, Daniel Caire and Adam Hartlett, all attended the lunch and provided some laughs and great insight of the inner workings of the Club. Since then, the lunch has seen many notable guests such as Club legends Robert Day, Peter Meuret, Hamish Hartlett, and of course Tony Modra. Past player, Will Day (Hawthorn FC), also attended the most recent lunch and assisted with the raffle draw.

If you are interested in attending these lunches or wish to receive email communications regarding upcoming lunches, please email Bernie Conlen at

Special guests Tony Modra and Will Day with Westonians (David Price, Kristen Demetriou, Bernie Conlen, Tiandra Tamiaans, Troy Abbott, and Doug Allen. Tony and Will have agreed to be ambassadors of the Westonians for 2022.

Nick Diasinas and Dennis Canute – founders of Chew the Fat Lunch