Match Report

Ando’s Match Report – Round 11 vs Norwood

It was a very disappointing result for the Reserve team on Saturday going down by 31 points to Norwood. With the first half of the season in the books, we wanted to regroup with a strong attitude and continue to better our performance for the second half of the season. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case on Saturday with us playing catch up footy right from the first bounce and being down in many areas of the game that we would normally pride ourselves on.

We spoke after the game about understanding that being a part of a young group our consistency in which we do things will go up and down at times, but we need to continue to learn and get better at reducing the amount of times this happens.

The boys understood the focus areas we spoke about and the best thing about being a part of this group is the way they listen, take on feedback and work relentlessly to improve. I have no doubt the group will be ready to bounce back as quick as they can.

Having said that, we still had some glimpses of the amount of talent, and ability to play great team footy throughout the day.

Charlie Allan was solid over the day in the middle. His work rate and ability to help us link the footy through the middle of the ground is always impressive. Max Marslen and Riley Corbett gave us a lift after quarter time. Kane Sherlock did a great job for us with a role down back and Luke Young and Blair Rubock gave us some energy up forward.

We will move on, regroup and ready ourselves for a game against the Eagles next weekend at home.

Thanks for all the supporters who came out to cheer on the lads across the day! we appreciate it and always look to make you guys proud. Never doubt that this entire group is putting their hearts into improving every time we pull on the jumper and hopefully more rewards are around corner.

Best players: Allan, Marslen, Corbett, Sherlock, Young

Ryan Anderson

Reserves Coach