President’s Message to Members and Supporters – May 2019

President’s Message to Members and Supporters – May 2019

I am pleased to report to you that the club is starting to make some encouraging progress towards achieving its day to day financial goals. There is still much to be done however, and the CEO and Finance Director are currently reviewing all club activities to find ways to ensure continued improvement. Of course, success on the field of play assists in driving attendances at games and ultimately the club’s revenue. I know that the Football Director is working closely with the coaches and all our football support team and I am confident that our on-field results will improve.

Each member of your Board of Directors has individual responsibility for a specific pillar of the club. These pillars operate through various committees which are made up of passionate and energetic members and supporters who wish to make a contribution to our organisation. If you wish to be involved in a committee, I encourage you to talk to any of your Directors. We are always looking for assistance at committee level.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our CEO, Ben Hopkins. As we all know, the club has recently been through some major restructuring and Ben has had many challenges put before him. He has a deep understanding of the issues that confront all SANFL clubs and brings an invaluable skillset to the role of CEO. Ben works closely with your Board of Directors every day to make sure that our great club thrives and prospers. Together I know that we are on a positive course towards success well into the future. I look forward to catching up with many of you in the weeks ahead.

Murray Forbes