Coaching and Support Staff

League and Reserve Coaching Staff

Mark Mickan - Development Coach Jack Horan - League Assistant Coach Andrew Hayes - League Assistant Coach Jason Porplyzia - League Assistant Coach Gavin Colville - Reserves Coach Harry Georgiou - Reserves Assistant Coach

League and Reserve Support Staff

Patrick O'Driscoll - League Team Manager Ted Kerley - Reserves Team Manager Sean Baker - Head Fitness Department Matt Muir - Fitness Department Ang Moran - Doctor
Brendan O'leary - Head Physio Sandeep Thakur - Physio Caitlyn Taylor - Head Trainer Michael Smith - Trainer Owain Manship - Trainer

Centre of Excellence Coaching Staff

Terry Hutton - U18 Coach James Lyon - U18 Assistant Coach Rob Thompson - U18 Assistant Coach Naomi Maidment - U16 Coach Sam Mitchell - U16 Assistant Coach Michael Wakin - U16 Assistant Coach

Centre of Excellence Support Staff

Kate Matonia - U18 Team Manager Zoe Wecker - U16 Team Manager Josh Manuel - Fitness Department Caitlyn Gardner - Head Trainer Lauren McDougall - Trainer
Talia Mcintosh - Trainer Tenille Schammer - Physio

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Oval Naming Partner

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