Coaching and Support Staff

League and Reserve Coaching Staff

Gavin Colville - Senior Coach Brent Frewen - League Assistant Coach Ben Yeomans - League Assistant Coach Sam Schmidt - League Assistant Coach Mark Beech - League Assistant Coach Nick Takos - Leadership Consultant
Damian Minervini - Reserves Coach Oscar Oliver-Dearman - Reserves Assistant Coach Harry Georgiou - Reserves Assistant Coach Simon Howard - Reserves Assistant Coach

League and Reserve Support Staff

Patrick O'Driscoll - League Team Manager Ted Kerley - Reserves Team Manager Todd Carr - Head Fitness Department Matt Muir - Exercise Physiologist Ang Moran - Doctor
Brendan O'leary - Head Physio Sandeep Thakur - Physio Caitlyn Taylor - Head Trainer Stefan Yamada - Trainer Tyson Francis - Trainer
Elizabeth Stringer - Trainer Courtney Donaldson - Trainer Jonny De Kruyf - Trainer Luke Mitchell - Trainer Sean Cheng - Trainer
Matt Jacobs - League Runner Scott Alfred - Reserves Runner Reg Marks - Property Ditmar Langer - Property Jason Thiele - Drinks Steward
John Nathan - League Time Keeper Richard Adams - Reserves Time Keeper

Centre of Excellence Coaching Staff

Paul Streatfield - U18 Coach James Lyon - U18 Assistant Coach Stuart Burns - U18 Assistant Coach Andrew Forrest - U18 Assistant Coach Naomi Maidment - U16 Coach Daniel Richardson - U16 Assistant Coach
Michael Wakim - U16 Assistant Coach Daimon Head - U16 Assistant Coach Tim Jackson - Riverland Academy Coach

Centre of Excellence Support Staff

TBA - U18 Team Manager TBA - U16 Team Manager Ben Braithwaite - Fitness Department Tenille Schammer - Physio Caitlyn Gardner - Head Trainer
Owain Manship - Trainer Matthew Brown - Trainer Claudia Caruso - Trainer David Nguyen - Trainer TBA - U18 Runner
Daniel Richardson - U16 Runner Graham Russell - Property


Mike Memmler Kevin Joseph Roger Brine John Duggan

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Oval Naming Partner

Key Corporate Partners