Presidents Best and Fairest Message to Supporters

Published on: Sep 24 2018 | Author: westadelaidefc |

We now look back and celebrate our 2018 season – a season that saw us embarrassed in Round 2 at Prospect, but which immediately showed the character of our coaching staff and players in responding to that with a win and another 7 wins to follow.  Interestingly, it’s only the 6th time in our history that we’ve won at both Alberton and Elizabeth in the same season.  Sadly, it’s the first time we’ve done that and not played in finals.

I want to say something to our coaches and players. We’re not an AFL club and we have a relatively small supporter base, but know one thing – we have a lot of supporters for whom this club is close to being the most important thing in their lives and that we think and talk about it every day of the year.  You carry our hopes.  You carry our dreams.  You are the only ones who can make success a reality.

If we were asked to look into the future, we might dream of another premiership win for our men’s team and our women’s team.  We might extend that dream to include a venue which is always busy with community activities, upgraded City Mazda stadium facilities, the old look of our precinct giving way to a new entrance plaza and other major improvements.

They are dreams and they will stay that way unless we make them happen.

But we are now closer to being self-sufficient than we have ever been in the past 10 years.

So how do we make sure it happens?

We all have something to contribute, so we start by uniting as a West Adelaide Football Club family, we actually live our football club values, not just pay lip-service to them, we do it by putting our name forward to volunteer our skills when the club will soon ask, we do it by contributing towards making us self-sufficient if we can.

We do it by supporting our recruiting budget, we can do it by just attending the club for a drink or a meal, we can do it by just coming to the game regularly or by sponsoring a player or the club.  We can do it by just showing the football world that we are not only determined to become a force in the SANFL, but that we really mean business.

What do you see?

I see a team on the rise, a potentially great West Adelaide Coach, a club that continues its financial recovery to quickly become self-sufficient.  I see City Mazda Stadium as ‘the heart of the west’. I see all the things I stated before.

Will it happen, or will we just decide it’s too hard?

It depends on us.

Together, with teamwork and confidence, we can do anything;  it starts now.

The 2018 season should be seen as the beginning of a new era for our club, so let’s now celebrate the efforts of our team this season.

Lee Harradine – WAFC President

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