Published on: Sep 11 2018 | Author: westadelaidefc |

Season 2018 ended on a high note with a big win against Adelaide, giving us 8 wins for the season.  Coach Gavin Colville and the players have shown we have plenty to look forward to in season 2019. However, we clearly need to boost our playing list and early recruiting moves are looking positive.  We’re actively looking for the right players to boost the areas we need to strengthen.  This is our current top priority and we will keep members and supporters up to date as signings are made.

Our financial position continues to improve, although the challenges that we have still remain.  We will announce another profit this year, but there will be ongoing changes to our operations to achieve better trading across our facilities.  We continue to pay down debt and the club will become the majority unit holder in the Wolfpack by the end of October.  We should never forget the vital contribution to the club made by the Wolfpack investors.

We have had three recent resignations from the Board.  Nick Heuzenroder, after a short term on the Board, advised his work commitments made it impossible for him to continue, but we are grateful for the time he was able to give us. Richard Sykes and Troy Abbott have also recently resigned.  Their contributions to the club over many years have been significant and we thank them for their valuable service and look forward to their continued involvement with our club.

We continue to look for increased revenue streams and this will see some change in our bistro operation and other areas.  We need to maximise use of our facilities through greater community involvement and through our support of women’s football and multicultural engagement.

We still face many challenges and need the support of our wonderful sponsors, coterie groups, members and supporters to meet those challenges, but we have reason to look forward to season 2019 with much optimism, based on a much sounder financial position, increased profitability, improved on-field performance and a clear vision for our future.

Lee Harradine

Major Partner

Oval Naming Partner

Key Corporate Partners