Team Selections – Round 14 Indigenous Road

Published on: Jul 12 2018 | Author: westadelaidefc |

We are back on our home deck this Saturday for another triple header against Central District. At 11:30 we have our reserves with Matt Eastman back from a PCL injury.

We then have our league side at 2:10pm with the long awaited return of Izak Rankine in time for Indigenous Round. On the interchange bench we have Issac Johnson, Dustin Head, Zac Bates, Jack Evans and Brett Turner in which two players will be omitted.

Our under 18’s are looking for another win after they beat South Adelaide last week. They play at 5pm after our league side.

We celebrate Indigenous Round this week – we have a traditional Welcome to Country after the players run out from Uncle Freddie.

Go you Bloods!

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INS: Turner, Brett; Rankine, Izak; Johnson, Issac; Evans, Jack;

OUTS: Evans, Lachlan; Ryan, Lachlan



Saturday 14th July | 11:30am | City Mazda Stadium

Ins: INS: Ryan, Lachlan; Evans,Lachlan; Eastman, Matthew; Johnson, Oliver;

Outs: Turner, Brett (League); Jaensch, Nicholas; Rana, Angus;


6 Hupfeld Lyndon
11 Waite Murray
26 Webb Daniel
29 Pillion Thomas
30 Peter Lachlan
36 Ryan Lachlan
37 Krik Kyle
38 Eastman Matthew
40 Heitmann Jakob
41 Evans Lachlan
44 Dunkin Elliot
45 Majok Chol
46 Holliday Joshua
47 Johnson Oliver
48 Turner Gibson
49 Laube Keelan
52 Osborn Nigel
53 Halkias Teejay
56 Fairlie Patrick
62 Lynch Thomas
65 Hannagan Noah



Saturday 14th July | 5:00pm | City Mazda Stadium


1 Caruso Nathan
2 Dalgleish Jack
4 Forbes Austin
5 Haysman Gus
7 Gilbert Cooper
9 Earl Jacob
10 May Sam
12 Milde Jacob
15 Morelli Saul
16 Patterson Cooper
17 Rana Angus
19 Georgiadis Kostandinos
20 Neumann Mitch
21 Plate Archer
22 Nunan Beau
23 Westley Jason
24 Hocking Lochlan
25 Sareen Aryan
26 Moore Ethan
27 Tuckwell Dylan
28 Wakin Daniel
29 Stoddard Lachlan
30 Chamberlain Bailey
31 Laudato Michael
33 Henty-Smith Declan

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