Team Selections – Round 10

Published on: Jun 07 2018 | Author: westadelaidefc |

We have lots of changes for our clash against Norwood this Saturday, with six players coming into our extended bench. We get back three of our most experienced players in Jason Porplyzia, Jono Beech and Shannon Green who all had a week on the sidelines with minor injuries. We have Izak Rankine back for the week as the Under 18 State team have a week off. Tall defender Josh Ryan comes back into the side in full back.  Speedy Murray Waite joins Jack Evans and exciting new player Gibson Turner on the extended bench. Andree Parella will ruck again after an impressive game against Sturt.

With such talent coming back into the side unfortunately Dustin Head, Lachie Evans and Elliot Dunkin will be playing in the development side. Our best player from last week, Zac Bates has had some heavy hits take their toll, being sidelined with a minor hip injury.

INS: Waite, Murray; Rankine, Izak; Porplyzia, Jason; Ryan, Joshua; Beech, Jono; Green, Shannon

OUTS: Head, Dustin; Bates, Zachary (hip); Evans, Lachlan Dunkin, Elliot


Saturday 9th June | 11:30am | City Mazda Stadium 

INS: Dunkin, Elliot; McPherson, Tyler; Head, Dustin; Evans, Lachlan; Noonan, Conor

OUTS: Waite, Murray; Eastman, Matthew; Rana, Angus; Ryan, Joshua; Halkias, Teejay


56 Fairlie Patrick
40 Heitmann Jakob
46 Holliday Joshua
6 Hupfeld Lyndon
43 Inglis Jonty
42 Johnson Isaac
48 Johnson Oliver
37 Kirk Kyle
49 Laube Keelan
62 Lynch Thomas
45 Majok Chol
54 Miller Ben
52 Osborn Nigel
30 Peter Lachlan
29 Pillion Tom
36 Ryan Lachlan
22 Head Dustin
41 Evans Lachlan
50 Noonan Conor
44 Dunkin Elliot
33 McPherson Tyler



Saturday 9th June | 5:00pm | City Mazda Stadium 


1 Caruso Nathan
2 Dalgleish Jack
4 Forbes Austin
5 Haysman Gus
6 Gutsche William
8 Horstmann Cameron
9 Earl Jacob
10 May Sam
11 Hannagan Noah
12 Rundle Tom
14 Stakic Aleks
15 Morelli Saul
16 Patterson Cooper
20 Neumann Mitch
22 Nunan Beau
23 Westley Jason
24 Hocking Lochlan
26 Moore Ethan
27 Tuckwell Dylan
28 Wakim Daniel
29 Kent Tyson
31 Sinderberry Jye
35 Wulff Bradley

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