Round 1 Coaches Report

Published on: Apr 03 2018 | Author: westadelaidefc |

We entered round 1 with a sense of excitement and anticipation after some promising football over the trial period. I felt the first quarter was a fairly even contest with both sides forcing turnovers and looking threatening on the rebound.

In the second term, importantly our defensive structures fell away and we found ourselves in poor positions when the opposition forced turnovers in the middle of the ground. Credit to the Eagles, their offensive running power was very good in these circumstances. For our side, this does not represent a lack of ability or necessarily work ethic, rather a slide in concentration and reaction times.

I felt our third term was one of wasted opportunities as we delivered poorly into our forward line. The result was key forwards unable to have an impact and small forwards found out of position. As with the second term, playing to team structures will be critical to our success this year and this is something to be addressed this week. Facing a six goal deficit at three quarter time, the players were challenged to regain some ascendancy in contested ball and to outwork the opposition. For the most part I felt we achieved this scenario which is a small, but important step forward for the group.

Overall, we didn’t play at our best and a talented, well-drilled opposition took full advantage of this. Some key learning points were identified and addressed with the players at training Monday night. We go into the North Adelaide game expecting an improved performance. I felt we had solid contributions from Jack Agostino and Logan Hill as rebounding defenders, Nathan Batley had a consistent contribution on the wing and Josh Schiller was reliable with tough possessions and sound ball use. Mason Middleton made the most of his opportunities in the forward 50m.

Best On Ground:

1st – Jack Agostino

2nd – Logan Hill

3rd – Josh Schiller

Best Team Man – Kenny Karpanny

Reserves Best on Ground:

1st: Connor Noonan

2nd – Jack Evans

3rd – Tom Pillion

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